Beskydy larch products

MOTO: Once you've fallen in love with woodworking, you can't get away from it.

In my studio I invent new wooden shapes for decorations and garden accessories. Most of the time it is a small production.

At the same time I am a musician - I play double bass in a family dulcimer group. Music and friendship connect us with nature.

I love my region Wallachia. I am involved in regional tourism projects and photography.
In the specialist shop "INSECT HOTELS" you will find decorative and natural insect houses, hotels for solitary bees, beetle boxes to attract predatory insects and butterfly boxes for moths and butterflies. Bumblebee keepers will find a selection of bumblebee hives, so-called bumblebee boxes, including accessories for bumblebees.
The insektenhaus-eu shop has been expanded to include a section with birdhouses, feeders and drinkers for our songbirds. Another section are small wellness products, health aids - heating pads, resonance stands, etc.
Large insect hotel in the nature garden
Large insect hotel in the nature garden