Bird feeders

Ein Drosselvogel auf einem Sanddornbusch
Ein Drosselvogel auf einem Sanddornbusch

Birds in the garden

I invent feeders that are less conspicuous. In the garden, the feeder is also a certain design element that decorates the space. Although the birds probably don't care which feeder you put in the garden, as long as they have something to eat and the feeder is high enough in front of the cat.
If you feed early enough, songbirds will get used to your garden and visit throughout the year.
They also reward you by finding aphids and other pests that attack your plants.

The products I exhibit are usually already available as semi-finished products. Depending on the complexity of the product, I usually deliver in 1-3 working weeks.
If you have chosen one of my products as a birthday gift, please enquire about the delivery date. It is possible that I have it in stock and can speed up the delivery date for you.