Bumblebee hives

Bumblebees in the garden

You are probably familiar with bumblebees, at least the animated bumblebees and bumblebees from the film Bee Bears. Bumblebees can suck nectar from flowers that bees avoid with their long proboscis. Even fruit growers have learned that only the larger and stronger bumblebees pollinate the blossoms of fruit trees in the cold and windy springtime.
Honey bees do not fly in the cold season and their search leads the workers only to the most productive food sources. The less attractive flowers of plants and trees are often not approached as much and remain unpollinated. That is why I love bumblebees and build bumblebee houses for them.
The bumblebee nest remains orphaned over the winter - only the bumblebee queens overwinter and look for a new place for their nest in spring. Depending on the species, some bumblebee queens seek out underground, abandoned mouse burrows, others nest in moss. Bumblebees also inhabit spaces under roofs or abandoned birdhouses. I offer various bumblebee houses.
Humans are still learning from nature ....

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