Insect hotels

Natural gardens

Let's take a look at the gardens of today. The lawn is mown short, preferably weekly. The ground is levelled and covered with mulch. There are a few conifers and shrubs around the edges. There are few flower beds because that would be too much work. .... Yes, it's nice and tidy for some, but nature has kind of disappeared here.
I'm glad there's a new interest in natural gardens where everything is more harmonious. Old trees and broken walls are few and far between, so we have to make do with so-called "insect hotels", which replace some of the natural shelter for insects and small animals.
They are easy to make! In every cellar you can find a few wooden boards that a skilful father or grandfather can hammer into a frame. Plywood or even a sturdy net will do for the back of the insect house. Then it is up to you to bring the natural materials into the prepared hotel - the hiding places that have disappeared in your garden.

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