Nesting birdhouses

Thick larch boards and reinforced front panel of the nesting box - protection of the nest from predators

Bamboo nesting box for smaller birds
Bamboo nesting box for smaller birds

Nest boxes in garden

The nest box should last a long time. I use durable larch wood for building nest boxes. Larch wood is heavily impregnated with a water-repellent resin.
I advise against painting, as this makes the wood less breathable and more susceptible to rot. I prefer the original and proven method of hardening the surface of the wood by flame tanning. I then coat the wood with melted beeswax. I am a beekeeper and do not skimp on wax. The nest boxes smell wonderful and the wax preserves them well. Later you can treat the wood with sunflower oil, for example.

TIP FOR HANGING UP: If you don't feel like drilling holes in trees, I have a simple solution. A short board about 40-45 cm long is enough. Screw it to the back of the nest box - the so-called T (above). The T-board can simply be hung in the tree crown (between the branches).

The products I exhibit are usually already available as semi-finished products. Depending on the complexity of the product, I usually deliver in 1-3 working weeks.
If you have chosen one of my products as a birthday gift, please enquire about the delivery date. It is possible that I have it in stock and can speed up the delivery date for you.