Bavarian nesting box

The nesting box is made of solid larch wood and completed with pine boards, the special feature is the slit-shaped opening. I once saw a similar bird house in the Bavarian Forest - that's why I call it Bavarian. It is suitable for finches and some titmice. The birds can stop in the longitudinal exit hole, look around and then fly out. It gives them a sense of security. The narrow opening prevents larger species from settling. The front panel is also reinforced with an internal bar - another safety feature, especially against cats.

The exit slit or opening is 33 mm high and can be adjusted to your needs.

Dimensions: 18.5 x 23 x 36(h) cm / weight approx. 5 kg
Inside dimensions of the base 14 x 13 cm / depth 23 cm to the release hole
43.00 €
The dimensions are the same as the Leysek bird house, the only change is the front panel.For the nest box I used thicker boards with a thickness of 25 and 28 mm. The birdhouse is designed to be hung up.

As always, the birdhouse is fired in the kiln and then painted with beeswax. The front decoration of the bird house is highlighted. The birdhouse has a hole at the front through which the nest can be cleaned in autumn.

The nest boxes are placed on trees at a height of 3 to 5 m and in uninhabited areas at a height of at least 2.5 m above the ground. And don't forget to clear the boxes of old nests before winter.