Bee house - with canopy

The bee house is filled with many bamboo and reed tubes with holes drilled in the wood. Solitary bees store pollen and nectar in them - food for their offspring.

The insect house is made of durable Beskid larch. The structure of the wood is emphasised by the wire mesh.

Dimensions in cm: 27 x 24 (H) x 9.5 (D) x 2.8
35.00 €

Info: The back is covered with netting. The bee hotel is already filled with bamboo tubes, reed stalks and wooden blocks with drill holes of different diameters. The insect hotel has a hook for hanging. Insects prefer a sunny location in the lee.

As insects are sensitive to chemical contamination, we have chosen the traditional method of wood preservation by flame burning. The surface of the bee hotel is then impregnated with melted beeswax.
Honey bees are declining due to viral diseases, but nature can handle it, we just have to help it a little.