Bumblebee house - 240 cm2

The bumblebee house / bumblebee hive is made of larch solid wood and is a modification of the bumblebee house near the flower beds.
External dimensions: 22 x 23 x 19 cm deep + 4 cm roof extension

The advantage of the new bumblebee house is the increased interior space to approx. 240cm2. The bumblebee house is designed for small and medium-sized bumblebee species. The bumblebee hive is designed to be hung on posts in flower beds, or perhaps on tree trunks or porch walls.
The solid plates guarantee the bumblebee trap's resistance to overheating. Ventilation of the bumblebee house is provided by a front barred window (covered with 4 nets) with the possibility of regulation. The front lid is sealed with felt. The lid does not flip up, but DOUBLES. The closure is a hinged mechanism. * The extended external entrance passage (L-shaped) is finished with a small comb.

PROTECTIVE Flap - The external folded corridor can be unscrewed and replaced with a PROTECTIVE Flap - not included - see shop offer.

49.00 €

The bumblebee house is ready to be occupied (wood wool underneath and raw cotton)
Inner feeder - connects to the outer pipette
Broken corridor drilled in wood
Moss/woody bedding in bottom of nest - reduces humidity
Nest filling - made of fluffy natural cotton
Small leaflet / Garlic
Feeding pipette with internal feeder

Made of 26 mm thick solid larch wood, the roof is reinforced. The bumblebee house is flame-baked and then painted with a mixture of beeswax and fermage.