Bumblebee house, standard

Protective flap, L-shaped drilled passage in the wood,ant protection - metal feet, natural nesting material, double ventilation and easy opening of the bumblebee house, leaflet.
The dimensions of the bumblebee house are suitable for medium and large bumblebee species. Customers report that the bumblebee house looks like a looks like a dwarf house in a rock garden.
A flap protects against intruders Nesting material made of raw cotton, underside with moss.

Outer dimensions: Ø 29-30 x 29, roof height 35 cm.
I now use raw cotton, which I supplement with dry moss/hay as nesting material. The bumble bee box is made of resistant larch wood. I burn the bumblebee hive with a torch to make it more durable and then paint it with beeswax mixed with fermium.

135.00 € 149.00 €

Offer the queen bumblebee a free nest - carefully let her into the hive. Or leave it to nature - place the bumblebee house among blossoming flowers.