Butterfly house - 30cm

ECO - Recycled - Product. I make the house from larch scraps from the sawmill. For the front board I use scraps of sawn alder planks. Why burn the wood now when you can still use it.
Small defects in the wood don't bother butterflies, quite the opposite. I also roughen the inside of the house. I hang the house in a shady spot in the garden. I glue with waterproof glue D3, the screws are recessed. I burn the larch wood with a torch and then paint it with a mixture of oils and beeswax. The front side is newly highlighted by patination of the wood.

The house is used by butterflies for shelter from discomfort, but also for pupating or hibernating. The interior space is divided by partitions. It is partially filled with pine cones and wood wool for smaller insects.

Dimensions: 18 x 30 (height) x 14 cm (depth).
Roof overhang 28 cm

35.00 €