Feng Shui crystal ball - in harmony with bamboo

Feng Shui crystal ball made of clear cut lead glass to hang. The use of light shining on the dozens of cut edges of this sphere in a beautiful rainbow of perhaps every color of the light spectrum helps to heal and harmonize. The colorful glow diffuses into the room, giving it a new and pure energy. At the same time, the room becomes free of negative energy, which harmoniously directs chaotic energy flows and brings joy, happiness and positive stimulation to the room. Their beneficial effect can be observed not only in people, but also in animals and plants, whose growth is stimulated by them. The crystals look beautiful when hung in a window or in the middle of a room.

Size of the cut bamboo circle 80 mm, ball 40 mm.
* I can paint the bamboo in a darker shade and write in the message.
12.00 €