Flower pollen - food for bumblebees

Pollen from our bees. A proven means of feeding bumblebees is flower pollen.

It is used to attract and satiate the queen bumblebee, and then to feed the nest when flower food is scarce.

30 g dried flower pollen - until 02/2024


Moisten/ventilate the pollen slightly before use so that it reabsorbs moisture. Then it is digestible for bumblebees. Make small cylinders to put in the inner container (lid). You can also place a small roll of pollen in the entrance of the hive to attract the queen bumblebee.
4.00 €

* Fermented pollen with honey - it is better digestible for the human organism. Fermentation breaks down the pollen grains and makes them more digestible. Mix 30 g of pollen with a teaspoon of honey and about 10 ml of boiled, lukewarm water. Strain the mixture into a glass jar and leave it open at room temperature for 3 days. Then store in a cool place.