Garden Insect House with Hanging Canopy

Garden house for insects consists of a roof made of larch wood in which a hexagon is hidden. Holes are also drilled in the head of the hexagon, which are favoured by wood-dwelling solitary bees. The back of the insect house is made of plywood.
The insect house with canopy is inhabited by the solitary bees and smaller insects already mentioned. For the filling I used reeds, bamboo sticks and drilled alder and beech logs. The insect house also serves as a garden decoration. The insect house is primarily intended to be hung up (including coconut rope) or to hang from a hook on a tree. The small insect hotel fits in a sunny place next to flower beds or on a sunny house wall.

Dimensions: 28 x 34 x 9 cm
39.00 €

I torched the boards and painted the whole insect house twice with beeswax and fermage.