Insect hotel - HEXA 30 cm - Mercedes

The large insect hotel is made of larch hexagon and is similar in shape to the Mercedes emblem. As insects are sensitive to chemical contamination, I have opted for the traditional method of preserving wood by setting fire to it. The surface is then impregnated with melted beeswax and fermage. The insect houses are originals and each one is a little different, influenced by the material and the imagination.

Size: diameter 30 cm, depth 9 - 9.5 cm
46.00 €

The insect house creates a suitable breeding and hibernation space for beneficial insects in your garden. The inhabitants of the insect house, which are predators, help to eliminate aphids and mites, for example. Solitary bees, on the other hand, ensure high-quality pollination of tree and plant blossoms.

Info: The back is covered with a bead mesh. It is divided into three sections: For solitary bees and wasps it is filled with bamboo canes and wooden skewers with drilled holes, for sunflowers and starlings with bark and pine cones. The front section with the cones is additionally secured with string.