Insect house for butterflies and ladybirds

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A colourful habitat for butterflies, moths and sunflowers. Moths and butterflies find shelter in the upper part, predatory insects and ladybirds in the lower part.

The butterfly house and the beetle house are made of larch wood. The front and back are made of waterproof plywood. The inside of the butterfly house is ribbed on the inside. The insect house can be hung on a tree, a house wall or a wooden post next to the flower bed.

Hexagonal diameter 29-30 cm, depth 14 cm.
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In spring, for example, it will serve as a resting place for the butterflies that come to us from North Africa to spend the winter. Butterflies and other diurnal moths also like to seek shelter from the weather.

For kindergartens: Colourful insect houses are an interesting detail in the nature garden for children.