Insect house for filling

Unfilled insect hotel to fill with children/grandchildren. I use the bare hexagonal houses as an educational tool during project days for schools and kindergartens.

The wooden hexagon is made of native Beskid larch. Then I burn them and paint them with beeswax. The back is covered with a strong net. The insect house has a fixed hook for hanging (for example, on the wall of the gazebo or possibly on a post in the flower bed / rock garden).

Dimensions: diameter approx. 24 cm, depth 9 cm.
(I offer the filling for the insect house separately).
20.00 €

For solitary bees I recommend the following filling: reed stalks, bamboo, wooden logs with drilled holes.
For other insects: Bark, moss, various cones, pine cones, etc. The front part can be reinforced with strings or thin net against falling out.