Insect house HEXA 30 cm, half panel

The insect house in truss construction is a free variant of the HEXA hexagon 30 cm. I have combined a house for solitary bees with a house for beetles. Here, too, I used a larch wood hexagon with a diameter of 30 cm. The back is covered with perlon silk. The insect house is offered to house predatory scorpions that help to repel aphids and spider mites. It is also inhabited by predatory sunfish.

The insect hotel also hosts solitary bees and wasps that nest in holes and burrows in bamboo and reeds. The bees ensure high-quality pollination of tree and plant blossoms.

Size: diameter 30 cm, depth 9 - 9.5 cm.
46.00 € 44.00 €
As insects are sensitive to chemical contamination, we have opted for the traditional method of wood protection by flaming. The surface is then impregnated with melted beeswax and Fermage.

I use discarded, planed wood from the sawmill. Small cracks are not a problem, they are part of the wood. I give the wood an extra value. Czech product. (Automatic translator: