Insect house for the kindergarten

In the insect hotel, children can track down the predatory sunfish and goldfinches that hide in the lower pine cone. Holes in the bricks, logs, bamboo, and reeds attract various species of solitary bees that settle there and raise their offspring.
The insect hotel also provides shelter for various butterflies and moths to pupate and overwinter. The dry, leafy bamboo provides shelter for other insects.
Dimensions: 600 x 120 (740 x 230 - roof) x 1300 mm height.
I recommend placing it near bushes, against a wall, facing south or west. The back is covered with a plate.

Supplied in two packages with 4 posts and two stones to anchor the insect hotel ( 2 x 31, kg).
780.00 €

Large insect hotel for kindergartens, schools and nature gardens.
Another in a series of large insect hotels for kindergartens and schools.

A schoolboy or a skillful father places the insect house on the two bricks, hammers the posts into the ground (screws them to the house) and then screws the roof on top. And it's done.
I recommend painting the structure with natural oil once a year. The wood breathes and cracks less.