Insect Grandhotel DUO - E.T.

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Two connected hexagons with an extension in the middle form an interesting shape. For me, they represent the head of an insect or even the head of an extraterrestrial, simply E.T.
The hexagons have a diameter of 24 cm. The insect hotel is full of reeds, logs and bamboo tubes. The back of the insect house is covered with waterproof plywood or boards. It is made of larch wood.
To increase the durability of the wood outdoors, the wood is burned with a torch.

It is then painted twice with beeswax and fermage.

Dimensions: 42-44 x 36-38 x 9.5 cm
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The Grandhotel insect house can be built lengthwise or crosswise - therefore it has two hooks for hanging. Solitary bees and predatory wasps, for which the insect house is particularly suitable, prefer a wind-protected or sunny location. The Grandhotel can be mounted on the wall of a house or on a tree trunk.
A special design
Dimensions and colour shade can be adapted by agreement.