Insect Grand Hotel with Hexagon

The insect hotel is made of hard-wearing larch wood and equipped with a canopy. Small holes in the wood are inhabited by solitary bees. In the middle of the insect hotel I placed a hexagonal beetle house, which I filled with various pine cones, bark and wood wool. The insect hexagon is also liked by various fireflies, ladybirds, golden eyes and other predatory insects. I fill the other spaces in between with cut reeds, which I supplement with bamboo canes. Bamboo is liked by smaller solitary bee species. Bricks with holes also attract humans.
Dimensions: 40 x 60 x 14 cm / weight approx. 14 kg
105.00 €

The insect grand hotel provides a home for various species of solitary bees that help us pollinate the flowers in the garden. The beetle house in the middle of the hotel in turn houses various predatory insects - little helpers against aphids. I have partially coated the holes in the brick on both sides with ceramic clay so that solitary bees, for example mason and mortar bees, can settle there more easily.

* I add paper rolls to the bars to better accommodate them. * The brick also makes an excellent paperweight and a base for a large insect hotel. The walls of the insect grand hotel are flame tanned and painted with beeswax. The house is fragrant and ready for occupancy