OKTAGON Insect Grand Hotel - Design

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The design insect hotel in the shape of an octagon is made of durable larch wood and is suitable for hanging. The Insect GrandHotel is one of the larger ones and was specially designed for various species of solitary bees.
At the bottom of the Insect GrandHotel there is a compartment for beetles and butterflies. The solid wood front wall, which can be opened, hides spaces where various predatory insects can settle. Butterflies and moths can hatch out of the weather in the peripheral areas, but they can also use the hibernation rooms.

Two stainless steel hooks secure the front wall. The back wall of the octagon is covered with a fine net or board.

Dimensions: 39 x 42 x 9 cm, weight approx. 6 kg

165.00 €

The radiated inner panels are perforated to create various small chambers for predatory luminae and solitary bees to settle in the wood.

The surface of the wood is again consolidated by flame burning and preserved with beeswax. The small insect house "Yellowtail" is photographed to illustrate the size of the insect hotel.