Professional bumblebee house, flat roof

Large professional bumblebee house with flat roof. A proven bumblebee house (Warre style). The bumblebee house has sufficient interior space to accommodate larger bumblebee species (over 450 cm2). The hexagon made of solid larch has a diameter of 32-34 cm and a height of 30 cm.

The bumblebee house is also a bumblebee observation house. A removable canopy covers the upper ceiling with a viewing window covered with transparent polycarbonate.

I use a protective flap (Krenz) to cover the escape opening, which limits the entry of foreign intruders into the hive (18 mm opening). The feeding pipette makes the work easier - there is no need to open the hive (when housing the queen).
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The exit hole is at 2/3 of the height of the bumblebee - the hole in the wood is L-shaped (I do not use a plastic gooseneck). The bumblebee is easy to disassemble - the connection between the hexagons is sealed with a felt gasket and a lever lock.
The lower part can be removed separately. You can check the bumblebee nest under a red light that does not disturb the bumblebees.
Alternatively, you can remove uninvited visitors, especially moth caterpillars (they feed on wax).
There is also a ventilation in the ceiling covered with a triple net and a feeder pipette that ends inside the hive with a feeding tray for flower pollen or sweet juice. I mainly use raw cotton for the nest lining and supplement it with a piece of moss and sheep wool for natural smells. The bedding needs to be fluffed up/cleaned before nesting.
The bumblebee sits on larch shavings. In places where there is a risk of ant infestation, I recommend lifting the bumblebee above the ground with metal feet (screws/screws) placed in oil-filled trays (included).
INFO: Total external dimensions without roof: approx. 31 x 35 with roof is 44 cm high.
For better durability I burn the bumblebee with a torch and then paint it twice with beeswax mixed with fermage.
The easiest way to house the hive is to trap a queen bumblebee in a butterfly net - the net is included.
You can increase the durability of the hive by painting the bumblebee house with sunflower/flax oil after the winter. The bumblebee house will last for many years.