Robust nest box for wryneck

The robust nest box made of durable larch wood is suitable for most smaller songbirds (tits, curlews etc.). The surface is burnt and painted with beeswax.
Decorations in the painting of the tree - wire netting to highlight the front features.
The bird house can be completed with a small perch for sitting birds - please specify when ordering.
Dimensions in cm: 31/42 x 18 x 18,5
Diameter of the hole: 35 mm
Fixing options: on the upper hook or by pressing on the lower support plate.
Hints. The inside of the nest box is roughened to make it easier for the birds to climb in.
60.00 €
The nest box is best placed in early spring or autumn. When the birds move in, aphids and caterpillars land in the beaks of the chicks. The advantage is a nice chirping and the good feeling of having done something for nature conservation.